Bergstein's NY Delicatessen

Fast, Friendly, Fresh

Chicago Heights:708 754-6400----Hyde Park:773 891-0429

Bergstein’s NY Deli is a New York style deli.  We offer a variety of New York favorites including knish, potato pancakes, chocolate egg creams and black and white cookies shipped from the Bronx.  We also have smoked fish shipped in from Brooklyn as well as offer real NY style navel pastrami.  All of our salads are homemade (tuna, chicken, baked salmon, whitefish, egg, macaroni and more) and we roast our own turkey and roast beef.  As a “kosher style” deli we also offer homemade cabbage, kreplach and matzoh ball soups.  We pride ourselves in quality and customer experience.  We do our best to recreate a true New York deli experience.  One of our owners, Harris Davis, was born in Brooklyn and still has many roots there so we have a pretty good idea of what is needed to give our customers a real deli experience while at the same time offering some “lighter fare” items like wraps and salads to keep our daily business steady.  We have recently extended our menu to include a variety of steam table options like stuffed cabbage, chicken pot pie, beef stew, Rueben eggrolls and roasted chicken among other items.  Bergstein’s also offers a full catering menu.